Estonian Concrete Building of the Year is Ihaste Bridge

Press Release

On the Concrete Day in Tallinn Creative Hub, the Estonian Concrete Association announced the winners of Concrete Building of the Year 2015.

Estonian Concrete Building of the Year 2015 – Ihaste Bridge in Tartu. The main prize of the contest – Ehituse ja Tarkvara Inseneribüroo OÜ (Juhan Idnurm ja Siim Idnurm).

– The contractor prize – Tartu City Government;

– The construction works prize – AS TREF;

– The concrete works prize – AS K-Most;

– The concrete prize – AS Rudus;

– The formwork prize – Doka Eesti OÜ.

For taking into account the new technology, the high-quality engineering solutions, the various considerations to protect the nature and the pleasant external solution during the whole process of bridge construction.

The jury said: „What makes the bridge so special is the fact that it is both vertically and horizontally located on a curve which is a big challenge for both the designer and the constructor. The concrete architectural warps and cambers together with belvederes and staircases demonstrate vividly the structural advantages of concrete as a construction material. ”

During the construction of Ihaste Bridge’s 90 m wide main span, for the first time in the Baltics the DOKA mobile suspended formwork system was used.

The chairman of the jury Aadu Kana said: „No similar facilities have been previously built in the Baltic States where such an amount of cantilever casting has been used. This technology enables effective and economic construction of the bridge’s main span over the river Emajõgi, not to mention the effort to reduce the construction strain on the environment and on the Natura nature conservation areas located on both sides of the bridge.”

Juhan Idnurm and Siim Idnurm have also won the main prize of the Concrete Building of the Year in 2007 for the Puurmani arch bridge.


Special prize for the concrete innovation – KODA, Kodasema OÜ.

An excellent example of a social initiative, when right people (professionals) get together in order to create something marvellous.

The jury said: „Koda impressed us as a small but a good attempt to simplify the construction of dwellings and to offer new, modern and widely available solutions to housing problems. Koda shows that concrete construction doesn’t necessarily have to be enormous and static. Concrete can successfully be used in combination with other materials in the construction of such a small structure.”


Special prize for the contractor: Anders Anderson – private house in Tabasalu, Harku County, Harjumaa.

For the commitment, purpose and courage to use concrete in construction.

The chairman of the jury Aadu Kana: “Each side of this house impresses you with a completely new aspect. If you look at the house standing on the street, you think it is a castle, a fort or a medieval fortification, but if you stand in the back yard, you see a home with spacious glass surfaces.

An exceptionally well-done complex casting. Concrete has successfully been exhibited both in the exterior and in the interior. ”


Special prize of the magazine “Ehitaja” – Primekss OÜ: the high-quality concrete floors and loading areas of Maxima logistics centre.

The competition “Estonian Concrete Construction of the Year” organized for the sixteenth time this year was brought to life to introduce to the public the wide areas of application of concrete and to acknowledge the people who have used a domestic building material – the versatile and easy-to-shape concrete – to implement their ideas.

14 works were submitted to this year’s competition. The competition was open to the concrete buildings and the structures and procedures used in them that were delivered to the ordering parties in the course of 2015.


The jury of the competition “Estonian Concrete Construction of the Year 2015” included representatives of various construction associations of Estonia: Johannes Pello from the Estonian Concrete Association, Mihkel Tüür from the Estonian Association of Architects, Indrek Peterson from the Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs, Heiki Meos from the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers, Enno Rebane from the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia, Andres Saar from the Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies, Chairman of the jury Aadu Kana, as well as representatives of construction journalists – Eva Kiisler from the magazine “Ehitaja”, Liivi Tamm from the magazine “EhitusEST” and Finnish architect Maritta Koivisto from the magazine “Betoni”.


The Estonian Concrete Association is a union promoting the use of concrete as a domestic construction material, which incorporates 52 companies, organisations and private persons.

The Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia is an association of the undertakings involved in production and sales of construction materials, which incorporates 61 members.


Further information:

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Honorary Member of the Estonian Concrete Association
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Peeter Kokk, Executive Director of the Estonian Concrete Association,
Tel: +372 51 87 198; +372 648 1918;

Enno Rebane, Executive Director of the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia
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