The Estonian Concrete Building of the Year is Laaneotsa private house

The Estonian Concrete Association announced today, at the event of the annual Concrete Day, the winners of the Concrete Building of the Year award for 2020.


The Concrete Building of the Year 2020 is Laaneotsa private house in Harjumaa.

The main prize, architecture – Joel Kopli (KUU Arhitektid).

Contractor award: private person

Constructor award: Mihkel Kannelmäe

Construction award: Mapri Ehitus OÜ

Concrete works award: Evocon Grupp OÜ

Concrete award: HC Betoon AS

Formworks award: Peri AS


A short video of the Laaneotsa private house can be accessed here:


The jury’s comment: “It is a building where concrete has been used both delicately and professionally. The building blends perfectly into the surrounding landscape, creating a complete living environment. On the exterior, we see a black wooden board surface in a playful dialogue with white concrete. Both materials have a similar surface profile. Concrete is at the forefront indoors, while at the same time combining all the different materials into one. The solutions used for floor and wall communications made it possible to create and highlight clean concrete surfaces. Due to its neutral colour and rough nature, concrete beautifully emphasizes other materials as well.”


The chairman of the jury, Aadu Kana, added: “Concrete, wood, steel, and glass as main materials create an elegant whole. Charming and thoughtful details, careful construction, and a respectful attitude towards the material and the environment stand out.”


A selection of photos of the winning project can be accessed and downloaded here:


Special award: the joint study and accommodation building of the Narva Study Centre of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and the University of Tartu Narva College.

Constructor – Nordecon AS.

The jury’s comment: “For the construction of a functionally versatile and socially sensitive building, where concrete not only plays a supporting role but is also aesthetically and architecturally influential. The result is a robust and well-thought-out building that can establish itself in an existing urban environment. The importance of concrete is especially evident in load-bearing and technically demanding structures.”


The chairman of the jury, Aadu Kana: “High-quality concrete surfaces give the public spaces of the building a clear and uniform look and harmonize in style with the wooden constructions of the residential floors.”


Special award: apartment building at Toom-Kuninga 15, Tallinn.

Client: Metro Capital OÜ

Concrete elements: E-Betoonelement OÜ.

The jury’s comment: “For a bold and unique facade solution, where tastefully versatile concrete elements of the facade support the well-thought-out volumetric solution of the buildings.”


The chairman of the jury, Aadu Kana: “We recognize the responsible production of high-quality concrete elements with many imaginative variations. The extensive delivery of elements was carried out as a complex logistical operation, in cooperation with 8 factories from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.”


Special award: reconstruction of the Narva Castle convent house.

Architecture and interior design: Arhitektuuribüroo JVR and Stuudio Truus:
Kalle Vellevoog, Tiiu Truus, Andrus Andrejev, Martin Prommik, Lidia Zarudnaja, Annika Liivo.

The jury’s comment: “For the skilful joining of a historic body and concrete. An architectural solution of a composition of stairs and partition ceilings between historic stone walls that recognizes concrete as a material and is impressively expressive.”


The chairman of the jury, Aadu Kana: “The delicate treatment of the new and old construction and the piety-sensitive valuation of all the details are admirable. With the creative cooperation of the architect and the building constructor and the outstanding workmanship of the builder, an outstanding solution has been achieved, where the historical view has been broadened through a new movement.”


The special award from the magazine Ehitaja was given to Sillamäe City Government as the contractor of the Sillamäe seafront promenade.


The special award from the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers was given to the designer of the Torn apartment building – Pikoprojekt OÜ.


The Concrete Building of the Year competition, organized for the twenty-first time this year, has been launched to introduce the public to the wide range of uses for concrete and to recognize people who have used domestic building materials – opportunity-rich and well-formable concrete.

This year’s competition received 29 works. The submission was open to concrete buildings and structures and procedures used within the buildings that were handed over to the contractor during 2020.

The jury of the Concrete Building of the Year 2020 consisted of representatives from the Estonian

construction associations: Maarja Kask from the Union of Estonian Architects, Johannes Pello from the Estonian Concrete Association, Indrek Peterson from the Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs, Heiki Meos from the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers, Johann-Aksel Tarbe from the Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies, Enno Rebane from the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia, the chairman of the jury Aadu Kana, as well as the representatives of construction journalists – Eva Kiisler, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Ehitaja, Liivi Tamm, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine EhitusEST, and the Finnish architect Maritta Koivisto – Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Betoni.


The Estonian Concrete Association is an association promoting the use of concrete as a

domestic building material consisting of 77 companies, organizations and individuals. 

The Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia is an association of companies active in the production and sale of construction materials consisting of 62 companies.


Additional information:

Aadu Kana, Chairman of the Jury of the Concrete Building of the Year Award 2020, honorary member of the Estonian Concrete Association
Tel: +372 50 49 477

Toomas Vainola, Executive Director of the Estonian Concrete Association,

Tel: +372 50 36 650; +372 648 1918; e-mail:

Enno Rebane, Executive Director of the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia   Tel: +372 51 82 662; +372 648 1918; e-mail:



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